Tuputiskes (Belmontas) Rocky Outcrop and Observation Deck

Duration of the visit 1 h.

If you take Tuputiškės Street and then turn towards the Vilnia River, you will reach the second largest outcrop in Pavilnys Regional Park. The outcrop was formed due to water erosion on the left slope of the Vilnia. Even though 50 years ago, the slopes were sandy, they are now overgrown with trees. The 30-meter-high and 100-meter-wide outcrop is called the Belmontas Outcrop as standing on the top of it one can see the Belmontas Entertainment and Leisure Center, the former French Mill, the Vilnia River valley and even the Pūčkoriai Rocky Outcrop far in the horizon.

Plans are made to get the observation deck on the top of the outcrop in order, to build infrastructure suitable for a resting spot and to remove the shrubs and trees with the aim to provide a better view of the outcrop slopes and the surrounding landscape.

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