The Zoo of Bronius Jurgelevicius

Duration of the visit 1 h.

For the majority of his life, Bronius Jurgelevičius was a hunter. However, after breaking the record of all Lithuanian hunters and hunting down 22 wolves and getting 40 wolf cubs out of their dens, he decided to quit. Now, he no longer hunts and instead has become an avid lover and supporter of wild animals. Bronius Jurgelevičius made himself a goal to breed as many wolves as he had once killed. This is why he established a small zoo right next to his own homestead in Karpiškiai Village. Visitors of the zoo are often taken aback by the harmony of civilization and wild nature: one can see a stork stroll among speckled hens around the yard, a peacock showing off its breathtaking colors, wolves circling around their enclosure, wild boars rolling around in mud, a North American raccoon, a fawn and a fox all getting along...

Bronius Jurgelevičius looks after the small zoo in Varėna District himself. He received the Lithuanian Erudite Award for wild animal care.

The private zoo in Karpiškiai Village is often visited by school students, local and foreign tourists, all of whom feel fascinated by the love and devotion that Bronius Jurgelevičius gives to his animals. The zoo has no entrance fee but visitors can always donate for animal feed.

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