The Neris River

Duration of the visit 1 h.

The Neris River Valley has remarkable geological characteristics and captivating vistas of magnificent river terraces. The Neris River flows across an old river valley that has been shaped by former streams. These streams have originated from proglacial lakes formed during the retreat of the last melting glacier. The Verkiai Regional Park encompasses the right side of the Neris River Valley. The river slopes are prominently terraced with magnificent small vales carved by affluents. The most picturesque and striking river slopes that at some places reach the relative height of 40 m are situated between Baltupiai and Verkiai Districts. The Riešė, the Turniškė, the Verkė and the Baltupis flow into the Neris River within the territory of the regional park.

Even though in the past, ships used to sail on the Neris, the river has been more and more widely used for tourism. This way, lovers of water sports and tourists can take in the beauty of the Verkiai Regional Park from the riverside. Sailing along the Neris reveals the steep cliffs of Kryžiokai Geomorphological Nature Reserve, river valleys overgrown in forests, the Verkiai Manor House and Park, Verkiai Mill and Trinapolis Church and Monastery. After passing the Verkiai Regional Park, you can continue admiring the mesmerizing views of the City of Vilnius and surrounding nature.

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