Puckoriai Rocky Outcrop

Duration of the visit 1 h.

An impressive outcrop was formed near Pūčkoriai by the waters of the Vilnia which slowly eroded the steep slope of the valley. At 65.2 m in height and 260 m in width, the Pūčkoriai Rocky Outcrop is the highest outcrop in Lithuania and is protected as natural heritage. The outcrop provides a great view of the thickened strata formed by the old glacier of Medininkai and subsequent retreating glaciers. The rocks seen in the outcrop are 18 to 20 thousand years old, and the strata of moraine and sand seem to be jumbled together and overturned one atop the other by the glaciers that passed through the soil layers like a bulldozer.

Three horizontal layers of the slope can be discerned in the outcrop, with the top part being the steepest and most affected by erosion. The slope part in the middle has many grooves and recesses formed and deepened by rainwater and melting snow. The slightly inclined bottom layer has a variety of debris, shrubs and trees that seem to somewhat halt the erosion. Thus, the outcrop has been stabilized recently. The increasing amount of gathered debris and scree cannot be easily washed away by the Vilnia and tends to stop the slinking outcrop and help plants to grow on the outcrop.

The majestic Pūčkoriai Rocky Outcrop is seen well enough from surrounding areas, the top of Pavilnys, Tuputiškės Hills and Tuputiškės serpentine road.

Visitors of the outcrop get mesmerized by both its size and the beautiful views. From atop the Pūčkoriai Rocky Outcrop and its observation deck, one can admire the captivating vistas of the Vilnia River Valley, the twists and turns of the river bed, the buildings of Pūčkoriai Folwark, Pūčkoriai apple tree garden and the vistas of the Upper Pavilnys.

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