Puckoriai Nature Reserve

Duration of the visit 1 h.

The Pūčkoriai Nature Reserve is most valuable for the steep slopes and the deep gullies of the arroyo interspersed within the entire area of the reserve and the largest ecosystem of the Vilnia eroded slopes with linden and oak community as well as protected plants. The Pūčkoriai outcrop formed by lateral water erosion is the main attraction in the nature reserve. This rocky outcrop is the highest in Lithuania and registered as protected natural landmark. The beauty of Pūčkoriai and its surrounding areas has been appreciated and valued since long ago and has been mentioned in written documents since the 19th century. Back in 1939, Pūčkoriai were marked in the Vilnius City map outline and described as a location of remarkable beauty. Suggestions were made to make it a natural reserve. Yet, Pūčkoriai was awarded the status of a protected landmark only in 1984 after establishing the National Pavilnys Nature Park. Apart from being granted the status of a nature reserve, Pūčkoriai landscapes and its highly valued ecological communities (the Vilnia slopes near Pūčkoriai) belong to the Natura 2000 network. The unique geomorphological structure of the Pavilnys Regional Park is perfect for gully, slope and boreal forest habitats of European conservation significance. Such habitats already form large areas within the nature reserve.

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