Perloja Local History Museum

Duration of the visit 1 h.

The museum exhibition introduces the archaeological and historical past of Perloja encompassing the times of the Grand Dukes, the rule of tsar, the renowned Republic of Perloja and the independent Lithuania. Visitors can learn how the residents of Perloja survived the trials of the Second World War and how collective and experimental farms were established.

The museum also has quite a number of various ancient household and farming items, such as a loom, a spinning wheel, a cradle, flails, sieves and many others.

Various items gifted by Tomas Vaisieta, an actor and Honorary Citizen of Perloja, are on display. The personal belongings of playwright and literature researcher Petronėlė Česnulevičiūtė are exhibited as well.

The local artists Vytautas Baublys gifted many of his works to the museum, including pictures and sculptures depicting the Grand Dukes and various moments from the historic events of Lithuania.

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