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Merkine Observation Tower

Duration of the visit 1 h.

The 26-meter- tall Merkinė Observation Tower is often referred to as the Pine Grove. It stands on the right bank of the Neman River in Merkinė. The tower has an intriguing structure: even though made of metal, it seems to become one with the surrounding forest. The load-bearing columns are narrower towards the top just like the trunks of the trees and their surface is coated in brown. The observation decks are made similar to the canopies of the trees. The Merkinė Observation Tower is one of the highest towers in Lithuania and is as tall as a nine-story house. In windy days, the top observation deck tends to sway slightly; however, this should not be a cause for worry as the observation tower is completely safe and well adapted to resist strong winds.

The Merkinė Observation Tower provides mesmerizing vistas of the Neman Regional Nature Reserve with the seemingly eternal twists and turns of the Neman River and Pastraujas Island, the largest island in this nature reserve. The never-ending forests stretch out towards the horizon reminding of the times of the great woods of Merkinė, where kings and their royal guests used to hunt game. The tower gives a great view of a part of the Old Town of Merkinė and the bridge across the Neman that celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2014. The bridge has a curious history. In 1812, Napoleon, the Emperor of the French, ordered a bridge to be built across the Neman in Merkinė during his unsuccessful march to Russia. However, the bridge was constructed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1914 in preparation for the war against the Germans. The nature reserve has placed information boards about the historical landmarks, natural and geographical valuables of Merkinė both near the tower and inside it.

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