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One of the highest mountains in Vilnius stands at the crossroads of Minsk Highway and Liepkalnio Street. Liepkalnis Mountain seems to be at the end of the hilly relief of the Pavilnys Regional Park. Captivating vistas of the City of Vilnius and its surrounding areas can be seen from the top of the mountain, providing a great view of the clash of the urban and natural landscapes. The Pavilnys Regional Park stretches to the east and the north and is known for its unique nature of the Vilnia River Valley and diverse historical heritage. The visitors of the park can admire the singular Ribiškės Hills formed by glacials, the brooks and streams flowing in the gullies of the arroyo and joining with the torrential Kaukysa Creek in the valley. The distinguished relief is unlike anything else you have ever seen and reminds of a gigantic fan. The magnificent panorama of the City of Vilnius with its Old Town, the Hill of Three Crosses, new residential districts and the TV tower stretches to the west.

Liepkalnis Mountain was artificially heightened to reach the height of 235 m. It is mostly known as a winter skiing center. The first gondola lift was constructed in 1984. Presently, a modern skiing and leisure center operates on the top of the mountain. In winter time, people can make use of the mountain skiing trails, a snow park, skiing equipment rental, café and skiing school. Bobsledding is available in summer.

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