Barciai Hillfort

Duration of the visit 15 min.

Barčiai Hillfort, also known as Čepelūnai Hillfort and Ulbinai Hillfort, stands as a separate hill on the right bank of the Uosupis River to the south of Barčiai Village. The first to start researching the hillfort was Vandalinas Šukevičius who started digging in 1890. The dig site revealed rusticated and handmade pottery, animal bones, flint axes and quern-stones dating back to the 1 st century BC and the 1 st century AD. Even though none of these findings survived the trials of time, the dig site report written by Vandalinas Šukevičius is kept safe in the archives of the Archeology Institute in St. Petersburg. The dig site itself also remains as a reminder of the archaeological research that had once been conducted here. 

The Barčiai Hillfort used to belong to the territory of the Čepelūnai Manor. The nearby manor garden with a linden promenade and ruins of the manor buildings have remained till this time.

Presently, the Barčiai Hillfort is overgrown with pines but its top has been cleaned out and prepared for sightseeing. The residents of the nearby villages have a beautiful tradition of gathering at the Barčiai Hillfort on July 6 every year to light up bonfires and sing the national anthem of Lithuania together with all the Lithuanians in the world.

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