The project titled E-Marketing of Southern Lithuania Tourism is spearheaded by Varėna District Municipality and its partner Vilnius City Municipality. The project is aimed at using e-marketing tools developed during its course to integrate and present culture and nature-oriented tourist routes that encourage people to travel and discover Vilnius and Varėna Regions.

The goal of the project is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of Southern Lithuanian and encourage tourists to visit these places of interest.

The objective of the project is to develop e-marketing tools.

The following five tourism marketing measures will be implemented during the project:

  1. Website development and administration
  2. Mobile marketing
  3. Ads in social media sites
  4. Ads in Google search engine
  5. Content development for e-marketing tools

The implementation of the E-Marketing of Southern Lithuania Tourism project started on July 28, 2016 after signing the funding and administration agreement.

A total of 80,636.41 euro from the European Investment Fund was allocated for the project.

The E-Marketing of Southern Lithuania Tourism project was born for the purpose of promoting Varėna District and Vilnius City which have many cultural and natural places of interest that might appeal to both Lithuanian tourists and foreigners. Eleven cultural and nature tourist routes will be presented during the project encouraging tourists to travel around Vilnius and Varėna Regions. The routes are designed for independent traveling and learning about Southern Lithuania. All suggested routes start and end in one of the regions, passing by excellent locations adapted for tourism. Reaching Varėna from Vilnius by car, train or bus is easy, not to mention that bikes can be carried on both buses and trains.

The project will include the development of a website for a convenient and attractive presentation of various tourist routes. The website will contain information on all tourist routes in Southern Lithuanian that are adapted as hiking and biking trails or can be accessed by car. The same information will also be available in a mobile guide app with navigation and audio guide. The mobile app is suitable for a wide range of tourists who can select the desired route based on their needs and capabilities. The project also offers a one-of-a-kind solution in the form of an interactive game for mobile devices. The goal of the game is to interest tourists in valuable routes. E-marketing tools will include high quality photos and videos. The project will be publicly announced and promoted in social media sites, search engines, channel, etc.

The project is implemented in accordance with Measure No. 05.4.1-LVPA-K-808 E-Marketing of Priority Tourism Development Regions under Priority Axis 5 Environment, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Adaptation to Climate Change of Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014-2020.